• Removals

    Removals are quick and safe with the right equipment.

  • ASV RC100 Track Steer with Bradco Magnum Mulching

    Our ASV RC100 Track Steer with Bradco Magnum Mulching head mows through trees up to 10 inches in diameter making forest stand thinning and land clearing a breeze.

  • Hazard removals

    Hazard removals are one of our specialties.

  • Boom Truck

  • No Job To Big or To Small

    Removing this tree hazardously leaning over a home and overhead utilities required skill, experience, and the right equipment.

  • Railroad/Roadway Intersections

    Line of sight clearance makes railroad/roadway intersections such as the one nearby here much safer.

  • Equipment

    We have all the equipment to insure a professional job!

  • Equipment

    Our trained professionals are happy to help!

  • Sunshine, Rain, Sleet or Snow

    No matter what the weather is doing we are here to serve your needs.

  • Look At That Monster!

    No job to big or to small, we are here and all call!

  • The base of this pine stood less than 10 feet from a home, and directly above a fish pond. The tree came down safely thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced climber, Chris.

  • This group of Spruce trees came down in a windstorm destroying a fence and coming to rest on a vehicle. Treasure State Tree Service responded quickly and worked with the homeowner and the insurance company to safely remove all debris without any further property damage.

  • Our Miller Machine Works 75SS Stump Grinder head makes the biggest stumps disappear in a matter of minutes.

  • This Siberian Elm broke apart during a storm, landing on a rooftop. Treasure State Tree Service responded quickly to remove the section of tree precariously laying on the roof - as well as cut the remaining tree down which was decaying to avoid future property damage.

  • Insect and Disease Control Specialists.

  • Mountain Pine Beetle protection using Permethrin, Western MT 2012.

  • In order to spray the tops of these large Ponderosa Pine trees, Treasure State Tree Service brought a boom truck to this remote spraying site. Western MT, 2012.

  • Treasure State Tree Service was called upon to take down this mammoth cottonwood tree in the heart of Missoula. We brought in a specialty lift from Spokane in order to safely reach the top. Within days the decaying 140 foot monster was gone, and its 10 foot stump ground out.

  • The homeowner had built their deck around the base of this huge Lombardi Poplar. When it came time to remove it, Treasure State Tree Service's years of experience came through in order to bring the 90 foot tall hazard down - without even touching the deck.

  • High winds snapped this giant Spruce off near the base and sent it crashing down on top of a home in Missoula. Treasure State Tree worked came in and with the use of a crane safely removed the tree from the house without causing any further damage to the property.

  • High winds and super saturated soil conditions led to this very tall Aspen tree tipping over on landing on the roof of this Missoula home. Treasure State Tree responded and had the tree safely removed within a couple of hours.

  • Slabs

    Remodeling your kitchen? Our slabs are unique and can add a beautiful touch to any modern or vintage look!

  • Make a Walk Way in Your Garden or Backyard

    Wood planks become a cute garden pathway, no sanding required.


These are a just a few snapshots of our equipment and people in action. Browse through and enjoy!