Get Rid of a Hazardous Tree Safely

Get Rid of a Hazardous Tree Safely

Turn to us for emergency tree removal services

When you need to remove a tree to protect your safety or your property's, you can rely on Treasure State Tree Service, Inc. Our local team offers 24/7 emergency and hazardous tree removal services.

Count on us when a tree:

  • Grows near a power line
  • Breaks during a storm
  • Falls on your driveway
  • Leans near a power line
  • Appears close to falling

We'll head out to your property right away to remove the tree quickly and carefully. For emergency tree removal services, call 406-330-2091 now. You can also reach out to us for a free estimate before you arrange for service.

Explore our comprehensive tree services

You can also call our team for tree pruning, cabling or bracing services. Additionally, we can provide insect and disease control services like mountain pine beetle control services. To improve the health of your trees, work with our team right away.